Thursday, July 8, 2010

Winner Appreciation!

First- thank you for being so patient as my blog morphs into something new, clean and beautiful! The blog layout is not finished and Lillian from Mini Beach Bird is working hard on it (and being very patient with me as I change my mind over... and over... and over!!!). And she will also be giving away a blog layout for one of you in the very near future!!!!!!

If you have won anything from Girly Girl Giveaways I am so eager to see you and your family using your winnings! Please submit photos, reviews and appreciation to Joy and we will put them all on what I am calling the Appreciation Wall. This will be wonderful for companies and artists to see! They want to know how you are loving your winnings just as much as I do!

I also want to know of ANY dud giveaways where you did NOT receive your winnings. You can submit your negative review as well and I will get those posted. Please allow 60 days to receive your prize before you submit negative feedback. And you may want to contact me first, after about a month, so I may contact them for you to see where your prize is at.

Also I will be posting a poll on the sidebar and I want ALL of you to vote! You can select multiple choices as well. I want to know who is reading Girly Girl Giveaways and what products they love to enter to win!

If you have ANY companies you'd like for me to contact that you want to see here for a giveaway please leave a comment here with the company's URL, product(s) and any other information.

And don't forget to invite your friends and family to join the Girly Girl Giveaways blog for all the fun goodies coming up!!!

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  1. I love the wall of appreciation idea! You're brilliant! =)


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