Wednesday, January 20, 2010

FREE 8X10 Canvas from Canvas People

Go to Canvas People to get your own free 8X10 Canvas of your favorite picture or $55 credit toward larger canvases. Just pay $14.95 to ship!

I ordered mine January 5th! I got a free one and a second 8X10 for a discount. They arrived just this afternoon and I was blown away! They are very lightweight, which means I don't have to put a huge hole in the wall to hang it. The canvas is thick and the printing upon the canvas is 100% pure professional. It is beautiful printing, really!

The only bummer is that I wish I would've gotten larger canvases! But I know these are going to be wonderful keepsakes for our family. Each canvas came with a high quality hook. You simply hammer it into the wood on the back of the canvas yourself. I assume that Canvas People doesn't do this themselves because customers want to choose how to hang their picture (vertically or horizontally). Regardless it was really simple and easy to hammer in.

Here's ours hung on the wall. My pictures do not do these justice whatsoever!:

I'm in the process of redoing our parlor room's decorations so I plan to put sconces or mirrors on both sides of our canvases:

I didn't get one of our youngest daughter as I just purchased many large pictures of her and put them in frames around the house. When she's a bit older I definitely plan on getting a canvas portrait of her and perhaps a fourth of my husband & me.

My only suggestion to the company would be to make shipping a little more fair. Considering I received it in a large bubble mailer I feel shipping could've been less. 

Happy shopping friends!

This is not a paid advertisement. I bought these of my own free will and am choosing to share my experience. All opinions are my own and are very honest.


  1. I purchased a big canvas under that promotion in December. It was increable and beautiful. They really do a great job.

  2. Sorry about the deleted comment, I forgot that my friend had his blog logged in. haha. but anyway, thanks for the comment :)
    I decided to do a media kit because I had a company ask me for it and at the time I didn't even know what one was so I had to look it up. But i've noticed that a lot of blogs have them so I figured i'd end up needing one anyway.


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